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Save Lives in Aleppo

Give now to send aid to families running from violence.

Our amazing friends at Wildsam have pledged to match every dollar donated through this page. Also donations over $50 will receive a free field guide.

Our emergency feeding program in Aleppo is already providing hot, cooked meals for 20,000 people every day.

But thousands more flee every hour as the last rebel-held areas fall. They have no food, nowhere to sleep. Help us meet their urgent needs.

$30 can provide sleeping bags for 2 people.

$250 can feed 10 families for a month.

$600 can provide sleeping bags for 40 people.

$1,000 can feed 40 families for a month.

Please give now.

Additional donations beyond the cost of emergency aid for our Syria response will be used where needed most. 

Syria Updates


December 12

75,000 people have fled Aleppo in recent days. As many as 45,000 are currently in the area where we’re operating an emergency feeding program. We are serving more than 20,000 children, mothers, and fathers every day. 

December 11

The Syrian military claims it now controls most of Eastern Aleppo. Several attempts to broke a ceasefire have failed, while thousands of families continue to flee.

December 10

An estimated 40,000 people have fled Eastern Aleppo, making a dire humanitarian situation even more dangerous for families. 

December 8

We distributed 2,000 sleeping bags to keep those who've been displaced—many of them children—warm as winter closes in on Syria. These sleeping bags are made by other refugees, empowering one group of displaced families while helping to protect another. Read more...


December 5

We've begun providing daily emergency food rations for more than 20,000 people in the Aleppo countryside, just a few miles outside the besieged city. Currently, we have funding to provide food for fleeing families through December 25.

November 29

Preemptive Love is initiating another convoy of aid, heading toward Aleppo, with lifesaving food and sleeping sets for 25,000 people, many of whom are sleeping on the streets after their homes were destroyed in the siege. We urgently need funding to provide for those on the run. 

November 28

Our Syrian network urgently requested winter supplies—food, medicine, and hygiene supplies—as the Aleppo siege enters its 96th day.

In Eastern Aleppo, infant formula now costs US$30. A pound of meat costs $18. People are sleeping in the streets—even with more than 2,300 airstrikes in the last two weeks alone. Thousands of families who were holding out until now are fleeing for their lives. Help is urgently needed.  

November 27

Violence in Aleppo escalated significantly as forces affiliated with the Syrian government began capturing rebel-held neighborhoods in Eastern Aleppo. Thousands of families desperately need food and supplies.  

September 9-10

We delivered 650 food parcels, enough to feed thousands of families outside the besieged, battered city of Aleppo. Read more...

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