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Give now to send critical aid to families in Aleppo, Syria. 

The siege of eastern Aleppo has reached a critical phase. Thousands of families are running for their lives, sleeping in the streets, struggling to survive.

Help us provide immediate emergency aid for 18,000 people in and around Aleppo—and help us keep showing up for even more families, with the food and care they need to hold on through the winter.

$65 can feed a family for a month.

$100 can provide a family with all-in-one sleeping bag + pillow + mattress sets.

The war in Syria has devastated millions of lives. In some of the hardest hit places, more than a third of all casualties are children. The world may have turned its back on Syria, but you haven't. 

Please give now.

Additional donations beyond the cost of emergency aid for our Syria response will be used where needed most. 

Syria Updates


November 29

Preemptive Love is initiating another convoy of aid, heading toward Aleppo, with lifesaving food and sleeping sets for 25,000 people, many of whom are sleeping on the streets after their homes were destroyed in the siege. We urgently need funding to provide for those on the run. 

November 28

Our Syrian network urgently requested winter supplies—food, medicine, and hygiene supplies—as the Aleppo siege enters its 96th day.

In Eastern Aleppo, infant formula now costs US$30. A pound of meat costs $18. People are sleeping in the streets—even with more than 2,300 airstrikes in the last two weeks alone. Thousands of families who were holding out until now are fleeing for their lives. Help is urgently needed.  

September 9-10

We delivered 650 food parcels, enough to feed thousands of families outside the besieged, battered city of Aleppo. Read more...

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Save Lives in Syria
Save Lives in Syria
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