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In war-torn places like Syria and Iraq, you see beyond what others see. You see possibility.

See beyond death.

For those who lost everything to ISIS—homes, livelihoods, loved ones. For those who risk death to escape bombardment in Aleppo. For those behind the front lines of Mosul, far from the refugee camps, in the hard-to-reach places. For those who see no future but death.

You see beyond. You see life after ISIS. You see what is possible when we go where others won’t, risking snipers and mortars to bring food to those on the edge of death. You see life pushing through. 

You give families what they need to hang on and hold out in the face of terror.

Give $65 monthly to feed a family in Syria and Iraq every month.


See beyond “refugees.”

For refugees who are so much more than victims. So much more than a statistic or an “issue” to debate.  

You see beyond. You see strength. You see mothers and fathers who have what it takes to rebuild, to care for their families, to flourish. You see entrepreneurs and opportunity in people and places written off as hopeless.

You see the future of Iraq and Syria in the eyes of a refugee like Samiha.

Give $1,000 to help a refugee launch her business and reclaim her future.


See beyond violence.

For those who love across enemy lines. For those who resist the impulse to divide into “us” versus “them.” For those who risk their lives in defiance of hate, who stand up for the persecuted and the marginalized.

You see beyond. You’ve seen violence unmake the world, yet you choose to love anyway. You see more than what separates us—Christian, Muslim, Yazidi. You see us

Give $500 to help persecuted families rebuild after ISIS.


Where others see only violence, you see hope.


Give via Credit or Debit here.


Where others see only poverty and violence, you see hope. Give now to bring new life to refugees in Syria and Iraq.
Choose hope, bravery, and peace with me by supporting @preemptivelove