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What does it mean to remake your world?




Ramadan was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart defect right before his town was overrun by ISIS.

ISIS went from being a distant threat in a far away land to an unwelcomed reality for thousands of Libyan families like Ramadan’s this year.

Today, these families are cut off from the rest of the world, but you can fuel the resistence against ISIS by sending medical teams behind enemy lines to provide lifesaving heart surgeries for children like Ramadan.

Together, we can make sure ISIS doesn’t get the last word, but we need your help.

Give $100 to help provide a lifesaving heart surgery for a child across enemy lines.



Gozê barely escaped the clutches of ISIS when her community woke up to militants at their doorstep.

But like so many Yazidi women persecuted by ISIS, Gozê doesn’t want to be known by what she ran from. She wants to be known for what she is running toward.

Working from the mud floor of her makeshift tent, Gozê is determined to use her homemade soap business to move beyond aid and start working again so she can feed her family.

We need your help to empower mothers like Gozê—to offer a hand-up, not a hand-out.

Give $1,000 to help provide a small business grant for men and women in conflict-zones.



ISIS has big plans to educate Sheena. So do we.

ISIS’ education plan includes lessons on violence, fear, and shame, but you can give her hope. ISIS’ plan is to force girls like Sheena into early marriage, but you can protect their childhood by putting them back in school.

For thousands of innocent children like Sheena, classrooms are their last defense against ISIS, child-labor, and forced marriages.

But that’s only if we act now. Will you help protect girls like Sheena?

Give $500 to help put an entire classroom of at-risk children back in session this winter.  


Some say it’s time to give up. We say it’s time to show up.


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Meet the teachers waging peace in ISIS’s backyard. Check this link to see more: http://bit.ly/1LTcIVy
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