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Give now to help refugees fleeing violence. 

President Trump's executive order will prevent refugees from entering the United States, but we can still show up for refugees where they live.

We're on the front lines in Aleppo, providing hot meals and shelter for families fleeing violence. We're inside Mosul with food and medical care for those just liberated from ISIS.

Our love is not restricted by executive orders. Let's show up for refugees who are trapped by violence.

$30 can provide sleeping bags for 2 refugees.

$250 can feed 10 displaced families for a month.

$750 can provide sleeping bags for 50 refugees.

$1,500 can help a displaced family return home.

Please give now.

Additional donations beyond the cost of emergency aid will be used where needed most. 



February 16

In a news conference today, President Trump promised a new executive action next week to replace the order suspended by the courts earlier this month. Trump hinted that the order will be tailored to the recent court rulings but would do “in some ways more” than the original order.

February 11

President Trump’s executive was temporarily suspended by the courts this week, though the debate shows no sign of letting up. But is it true that refugees pose a terror threat? If so, how big is it. Here are four things you should know about the link between refugees and terrorism. Read more…

February 9

Our CEO and founder Jeremy Courtney joined with other social entrepreneurs like Aria Finger (DoSomething), Scott Harrison (charity: water), and Jeff Skoll (eBay) to encourage a dialogue with President Trump about his executive order. “I believe we are better when we open ourselves to others, when we show up for refugees—whether they are in the U.S. or among the vast majority who will never leave their home region,” Jeremy wrote. Read more…

February 2

We spoke with Mousa, a 24-year-old Iraqi law student at Boston College, about how the executive order has affect him and his family. While he understands why some people support the temporary ban, he worries about the impact it could have on his future. “The whole plan I had for myself and my career is unraveling,” he told us. Read more…

January 30

President Trump’s executive order has led to airport protests over the weekend, as well as heated debates in America and around the world. Beyond the debate, beyond the spin, here are five things you need to know about the refugee ban. Read more…

January 27

President Trump signed an executive order suspending immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations for 90 days, halting the refugee program for 120 days, and putting an indefinite stop to Syrian refugees settling in the U.S. Stay tuned for more.

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If Refugees Can't Come to Us, Let's Go to Them
If Refugees Can't Come to Us, Let's Go to Them
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