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Give now to reach families trapped in Mosul. 

$65 feeds a family for a month.

Iraqi forces are battling ISIS for control of the most densely populated part of Mosul, where more than 100,000 people may be trapped. We cannot wait for these families to risk bombs and bullets to reach us. We're reaching them with lifesaving food, water, and medical care. But we can only reach them if you go with us.

Give now—and save lives on the front lines.

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Mosul Updates


June 20

In the last week alone, we've provided more than 1.7 million liters of clean water for nearly 36,000 people, and an additional 304,000 liters of clean water for local medical centers.

June 10

Three years ago today, Mosul fell to ISIS. Today, after eight months of fighting, the militants still control some of the most densely populated neighborhoods in west Mosul. But the real battle for Mosul has yet to begin. Read more...


June 6

We delivered food packs to 500 families who were displaced from west Mosul to the eastern side of the city. East Mosul is still recovering from the battle against ISIS—there are few resources available for the families who fled here from west Mosul. 

June 5

Our eight health clinics in and around Mosul provided 52,824 medical consultations last month. For many of the people served at these clinics, it’s the first care they’ve received since ISIS took control. Read more... 

June 2

Through last month, we’ve delivered more than 2.2 million liters of water to nearly 70,000 people in Mosul and for several local medical clinics we’re supporting.  

May 29

Food for another 2,000 families is on its way to west Mosul today.  

May 28

Up to 180,000 people are believed to be trapped in the last few neighborhoods of Mosul still held by ISIS. These families are at extreme risk of starvation, dehydration, war-related injuries, and outbreaks of preventable disease. We are continuing to respond as close to the frontlines as possible. 

May 24

Over the past few days, we’ve delivered more than 366,000 liters of clean water to more than 7,000 people

May 23

We’re distributing 5,200 hygiene kits for Mosul families ahead of Ramadan. Each kit includes 5 bars of refugee-made Sisterhood Soap. We’re also providing soap for local medical clinics that are caring for women who’ve survived gender-based violence. 

May 22

We delivered food to another 3,000 families yesterday and today in west Mosul, reaching families who just returned after fleeing their homes earlier in the battle.  

May 17

We’re helping local doctors vaccinate children in a remote area of northern Iraq. Many of the children here fled from Mosul and never saw a doctor or received medical care under ISIS rule. So far our medical team has administered nearly 5,000 vaccines to 2,500 children. Read more... 

May 16

We delivered food to nearly 1,000 desperate families in west Mosul, near the frontlines in the battle against ISIS. Food deliveries will continue throughout the week, reaching even more families caught up in the conflict. Read more... 

May 10

The last oil fires south of Mosul have finally been put out. The fires were set by ISIS militants as they retreated north toward the city itself. The environmental fallout from these fires—many of which burned for eighth months—could last years. Read more... 

May 8

We provided an empowerment grant to help three women open a daycare in east Mosul. The daycare mostly serves the children of doctors and nurses at a nearby hospital, enabling parents to get back to work mending wounds in the wake of the battle against ISIS. The daycare is one of 100 empowerment projects we plan to launch in Mosul this year. Read more... 

April 25

We’ve begun distributing clean water for up to 10,000 people inside west Mosul. ISIS still controls parts of the western side, making it too volatile to begin repairing the water system, as we’ve done in east Mosul. Sending in tankers of clean water will help families in these neighborhoods hold on until we’re able to provide a more sustainable solution. Read more... 

April 6

Over the past week, the medical clinic you’re supporting in west Mosul has treated more than 4,000 patients—including nearly 650 children under the age of 5.

April 4

You provided a month's supply of food for another 1,000 families inside west Mosul, as ISIS snipers targeted our distribution. Read more...

March 31

We’re helping operate one of the first medical clinics inside west Mosul, just blocks from the front lines—providing critical medical supplies and supporting 25 doctors and nurses as they care for injured families.

March 24

Work is progressing to repair damaged water pipes in east Mosul. Our engineer in Mosul just shared this update: “You were the cause of happiness for thousands of Mosul's citizens who suffered from a lack of access to clean drinking water. I’ve stayed inside Mosul for 20 straight days. I’ve felt what they were suffering from the lack of water. I have seen the people suffer badly… The work we're doing together is exemplary to the extreme—and we're the only ones who are doing it.” Read more…

March 22

For years ISIS sabotaged Mosul's water supply. More recently, airstrikes have destroyed underground water pipes—leaving Mosul families without any water at all. We're repairing hundreds of feet of damaged pipes in Mosul, so we can turn the water back on for 1.6 million people. Read more...

March 12

We opened three medical clinics inside eastern Mosul—the first clinics to open since ISIS was driven from this part of the city. Hundreds of families have already received care; even before the official opening, clinic staff were providing vaccinations for children. For many of these children, it's the first care they've ever received.

March 8

We delivered food to 12,000 people deep inside west Mosul, in a neighborhood just liberated from ISIS, with fighting all around. Read more...

March 4

Our trucks set out for western Mosul with food for 12,000 people trapped on the frontlines. A major counterattack by ISIS prevented us from reaching the neighborhood where we planned to deliver the food. But tomorrow, we're going back. Read more...

February 27

Work continues on two medical centers inside Mosul. These clinics will have equipped emergency rooms, as well as mobile delivery rooms staffed with female doctors. When new moms take their babies home, they will leave with care packs including diapers and refugee-made soap. Read more...


February 19

Iraqi forces launched an offensive to liberate western Mosul from ISIS. An estimated 750,000 people live in this part of the city, under siege-like conditions. Just as we’ve done throughout the Mosul crisis, we are planning to serve families on the front lines, rather than waiting for them to come to us. We hope to deliver food to newly liberated neighborhoods in western Mosul as early as next week. Read more...

February 10

Two ISIS attacks killed at least nine people in eastern Mosul today, not far from the medical centers we’re actively refurbishing. ISIS was driven out of the eastern half of the city last month, but they are still capable of launching attacks. Read more...

February 9

We began repairing two medical centers inside Mosul where we will treat war wounds, deliver babies, and provide urgent medical care for newly liberated families . Mosul residents have gone without access to proper medical care for  almost three years under ISIS—but you are changing that.

January 27

You brought four truckloads of food and other essentials for 10,000 people in eastern Mosul. The delivery took place just across the Tigris River from the ISIS-held western part of the city, with gunfire going almost constantly. Read more…

January 14

Iraqi forces in Mosul are fighting street by street, block by block. ISIS is still in control just blocks away from where we distributed 500,000 pounds of food today—enough to feed 27,000 people for a month.

January 13

Our team is inside Mosul today, just blocks from where Iraqi forces are battling ISIS. Stay tuned for more updates.

December 2

While taking sniper and mortar fire from ISIS, we delivered food to hundreds of families in Bawiza, about a mile north of the Mosul city line. The area around Bawiza is not fully liberated from ISIS yet, and the desperation we witnessed here was unlike anything else we've seen. Read more...


November 14

We distributed food for nearly 7,000 people in Hammam al-Alil, a town held by ISIS until just days earlier, where a mass grave was recently uncovered. Before we arrived, these families had received nothing, apart from a few basic rations from Iraqi forces. Read more... 

November 5

We opened a new hospitality center where just-liberated families can take shelter, get food, and receive medical care while they wait to be screened by Iraqi security forces.

November 1

A few miles south of Mosul, we opened a warehouse to stage emergency food and water for families in the Mosul conflict zone—in a building that just weeks ago served as an ISIS bomb making factory. By storying food inside the Mosul corridor, we'll be able to respond even more quickly to families' most urgent needs. 

October 28

As the battle moves closer to Mosul, Iraqi forces are relocating a key screening point for fleeing families, 20 miles closer to the front lines. We are moving resources to the new screening point as well, so we can greet families as soon as they are liberated. We are also positioning 30,000 ready-to-eat meals for families who arrive at the new checkpoint.

October 26

We brought food to families in a village on the eastern Mosul front, very close to the front line. The eastern front has seen significant displacement, with an estimated 1,200 families fleeing in the last 24 to 48 hours.

October 25

Preemptive Love distributed long-lasting food packets to 800 families in a newly liberated village, just south of Mosul. Until today, the families in this village had received almost no food or medication since ISIS was driven out. 


October 18

We prepared another 2,000 food packages and 2,000 hygiene kits for families fleeing Mosul. Earlier today, our team completed an assessment of three refugee camps south of Mosul. Officials expect displaced families to flood into these camps, possibly within the next 24-48 hours.

October 16

The Iraqi government announced the official start of the operation to liberate Mosul from ISIS. Read more...

October 8

We reached 1,000 families in newly liberated villages outside Mosul, providing hygiene supplies and educational information. A team of 10 local doctors and medical students offered vital health education to displaced families.

October 6

Our team distributed food to 800 families in newly liberated villages on the outskirts of Mosul. ISIS launched mortar attacks in the vicinity, but thankfully our food distribution was not impacted. 

September 23

Preemptive Love was the first group to reach the town of Al-Shirqat after it was liberated from ISIS on September 22. We provided 100,000 pounds of food for 12,000 people, along with 1,000 family hygiene kits.

September 12

We set up a medical tent at a security checkpoint south of Mosul. Many of the refugees who reach this checkpoint are suffering dehydration and hunger. Some have been tortured by ISIS and require urgent medical care. Our team is providing medicine and supplies, treating 12-80 people every day. Read more...

September 8

Today our team traveled along the front lines to deliver food to 200 newly liberated families from the town of Qayyarah, about 40 miles south of Mosul. Read more...

August 31

Preemptive Love set up tents and bathrooms for fleeing families at a busy checkpoint in the Mosul corridor. Previously, families had no place to escape the desert heat while waiting—often hours or days—to be cleared by security. They had nowhere to go the bathroom in privacy and dignity. These tents and bathrooms will serve 30,000 people in the coming weeks. 

August 25

We delivered wheelchairs and crutches to disabled children and elderly refugees fleeing the Mosul corridor. Read more...

August 19

Our team rushed medical aid to a refugee center near Tikrit, halfway between Mosul and Baghdad, hours after it was hit by an ISIS mortar attack, killing 13 and injuring dozens. Read more... 

August 14-18

We employed local welders to install 10 water tanks in three communities along the Mosul corridor where displaced families have settled. The tanks were connected to municipal water supplies, ensuring a constant, sustainable source of water for those who fled. Read more... 

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