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Most people don’t know the real Libya. They only know the one they see on the news.

A brutal dictator. An attack on a US embassy. The beheading of 21 Christians at the hands of ISIS. And now, thousands of fleeing refugees.

Most Libyans fear they will only be known for these things. They feel forgotten. By providing medical care for children in Libya, you show they are not forgotten. You look beyond the headlines and love anyway.

After years of success in Iraq, we’re sending surgical teams into Libya. By donating today, you’ll provide lifesaving heart surgeries and over 20,000 hours of hands-on training for local doctors and nurses.

Give now and help save lives in Libya. 

Give via credit or debit here.


I just became a monthly sponsor to wage peace and save lives in Libya. Join me!
Choose hope, bravery, and peace with me by supporting @preemptivelove