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The battle to free Fallujah from ISIS began on May 23. More than 86,000 people have fled. Displacement camps are overwhelmed. Children and families urgently need food and water.

Save lives with us on the front lines against ISIS. $35 can help feed a family of six for two weeks.

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Fallujah Updates


July 15

So far, Preemptive Love has distributed half a million pounds of food to families who fled ISIS. We continue to provide 13,000 liters of clean water in the displacement camps every day.

July 3

Distributed 100,000 pounds of food for more than 1,200 families. Thousands of displaced Fallujans have relocated in recent days, due to ISIS activity last week.

July 1-2

Two water tanks installed in one of the displacement camps west of Fallujah. On Saturday, Preemptive Love began daily deliveries of 13,000 liters of clean water for thousands of displaced Fallujans. Read more...

June 28-29

Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC) aid workers were caught in the middle of a major ISIS attack—with 80 vehicles carrying armed militants passing right by our aid trucks. Moments later, another team aid workers were nearly killed in a Coalition airstrike near Amiriyat al-Fallujah. Read more...


June 23

Preemptive Love Coalition CEO Jeremy Courtney went on BBC News to share the increasingly dire situation. "Conditions on the ground in and around Fallujah are nothing short of atrocious," he said. Watch more...     

June 20

Another 100,000 pounds of food was prepped and delivered to thousands of displaced individuals in a camp west of Fallujah. Conditions in the camp are alarming, as families struggle to cope with a shortage of tents, food, and water. A Washington Post journalist accompanying our convoy described the situation as the worst she's seen in 4+ years covering Syria and Iraq.     

June 19

An estimated 86,000 people have escaped Fallujah—one third of whom have fled in the last 48 hours, overwhelming already struggling displacement camps around the city.  

June 17

Iraqi forces have entered central Fallujah. Haider al-Abadi, Prime Minister of Iraq, declared victory over ISIS—though pockets of resistance remain, and there are conflicting reports over how much of the city has been liberated.  

PLC distributed aid to newly arrived families at a camp west of Fallujah today. 

June 16

Hundreds of Fallujah families—including some who are injured—reached a displacement camp west of the city. There are not enough tents to provide shelter for everyone, and there is a critical shortage of food and cooking stoves. PLC is responding with an urgent aid delivery. 

June 14

250 kerosene stoves for cooking were delivered to Amiriyat al-Fallujah. Each tent received one stove. This delivery allows approximately 3,000 hungry people to eat nourishing, cooked food.

June 13

50,000 pounds of food was delivered to 499 families at a camp west of Fallujah. Local staff described the situation as “miserable” for displaced families, with no electricity or other services. Read more...

June 8

The UN now believes 90,000 civilians may be trapped inside Fallujah, almost double the previous estimate of 50,000. Read more...

June 6

We just crossed Annaz Bridge with 100 tons of aid, amid heavy military presence, bound for Fallujah families who escaped ISIS. Read more...

June 4

We're preparing a second wave of aid for approx. 6,000 people who fled Fallujah and are in urgent need of food. Our team is working through the night and without electricity to get everything ready. 

June 2

First aid delivery reaches women and children inside militarized zone around Fallujah! We distributed 52,000 pounds of food and 24,000 liters of water to ISIS survivors. Read more...

June 1

PLC’s first aid delivery loaded and ready to go! Read more...

After a week of military advances against ISIS, fighting has stalled on the edges of Fallujah.

The UN believes 20,000 children are among those trapped inside. Read more...

May 31

Preparations are underway for our first food delivery to 500 families. Food has been purchased and is being prepped.

ISIS is reportedly killing those who try to escape or refuse to fight for them.

May 28

PLC is coordinating with our partners to get aid as close to the front lines as possible. Read more...

Military forces have begun liberating villages on the outskirts of Fallujah.

460 families were reportedly evacuated from the area.

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