Yazidi Leaders Seek Help Against ISIS

A group of Yazidi families, driven from their homes by ISIS, now live in blue-tarp tents.

"Our women, our children and men were defenseless, and we became victims of one of the largest, atrocities of the modern world.

We knew there was hatred against us, but we did not know it would be to this extent, that people would see us not as human beings. The very people that we co-existed with for thousands of years, shared the same community, visited each other, were friends. We never thought that people would turn on us and would put the guns on our heads and the heads of our children and our women and our girls.

As a human society, we can’t close our eyes on this problem.

I know the Middle East is burning. I know that. We are tired of wars. I know we are tired of getting involved in any other conflict. But we must get involved when the problem touched the lives of a half million people, a peaceful minority, a minority that worked for peace throughout our history, a minority that supported the modern world. We deserve, we deserve peace. We deserve to exist in our land." -Murad Ismael, Yazidi Human Rights Advocate

See the fuller interview with Murad Ismael and Matthew Barber at pbs.org.

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Yazidi Leaders Seek Help Against ISIS
Yazidi Leaders Seek Help Against ISIS
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