We’re Wrapping Up Remedy Mission XXII!

A young girl smiles, a beautiful scar across her chest, after her recent lifesaving heart surgery.

Over the past two weeks, you helped us provide 17 lifesaving heart surgeries and over a thousand hours of hands-on training to local doctors and nurses in southern Iraq!

With your help, we were able to save Mohammad, Ali, Hajir, Hussein, and so many others. For that, we can’t thank you enough. 

To make sure this lifesaving continues, donate towards our next Remedy Mission by clicking here. We can’t keep this up without you! 

About Cody Fisher

Founder & Development Director of the Preemptive Love Coalition, a non-profit based out of Iraq that seeks to subvert terrorism through love, by saving lives and creating dialogue between communities at odds.

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We’re Wrapping Up Remedy Mission XXII!
We’re Wrapping Up Remedy Mission XXII!
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