Welcome to #HeartMender Party Central! We’ve got everything you need to throw a lifesaving party this Valentine’s Day. You can make your party as big or small as you like. Just be sure to follow these steps...

TWO(ish) WEEKS BEFORE the party...

  • Invite at least 6 people to your #HeartMender party. If you haven’t already scheduled yours, do so here.
    Download more 5x7 "save the date" cards below.

DAY BEFORE the party...

  • Remind everyone to bring $14 to provide lifesaving heart surgeries for children in war-torn countries.

DAY OF the party...

  • Collect $14 from each guest at the beginning of the party.
  • Make some delicious Valentine’s Day cookies. You can either make them beforehand or with your party guests. Check out the recipe card in your kit. Download three 4x6 recipe cards below.  
  • Make a homemade Valentine’s Day card for a kid in Iraq or Libya. Take a group picture with your card and share it using the #HeartMender hashtag.
  • Set up a photo booth using the cutouts included in your kit. Be sure to share your party pics with the   #HeartMender hashtag!
    Download three 11x17 photo booth cutouts below.
  • Watch the #HeartMender video with your guests. 
  • Give each partygoer a #HeartMender card to take home with them. Download more 4x6 cards below.

DAY AFTER the party...

  • Send in your party donations using the envelope in your kit.

Questions? Need more party ideas? Drop us a line at info@preemptivelove.org.


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