Things are in Motion: Loving Haditha

Emergency relief aid is loaded up into trucks and on the way to the airport, en route to Haditha, Iraq. Haditha has been besieged by ISIS and it's residents are in dire need.

Every time ISIS takes a city, they proudly raise their flag to show what territory they have conquered. Unfortunately, this flag is all too prevalent throughout Iraq.

Haditha is one of the cities beleaguered by ISIS. Because of the siege, Haditha has become a ghost town, with signs of civilian life few and far between; there are no restaurants, theaters, or marketplaces.

This makes the demand for food and water critical, massive supply shortages are a huge problem. What's more, problems with the Haditha Dam—a structure requiring constant maintenance and supervision—often cause water shortages. There are three hours a day that the electricity is turned on, and those hours are diligently used by the people to pump water for their daily needs. The water they are pumping isn't suitable for drinking, but under the circumstances, they drink it anyway.

The living conditions in Haditha demand a response and highlight the importance of an airdrop of food to these citizens.

Emergency relief supplies for Haditha, a city besieged by ISIS, were loaded for the trip during a brutal heatwave. Temperatures topped 120 degrees F.

The residents are starving.

Doctors are sparse as well. In all of Baghdadi (a town near Haditha) there are only two doctors’ assistants. Most medical cases are sent to the 7th Iraqi Army Division, which is not trained in handling most medical cases, especially critical cases. Having a limited amount of doctors proves to have an unlimited amount of consequences that affect all parts of life, even pregnancies. There have been a few cases where Iraqi women had no one to help them deliver their babies and ultimately had to ask for help from American medical units stationed at the base.      

ISIS is trying to prevent help from coming to Haditha. Spies embedded throughout the city send out exact positions of visitors to ISIS to bombard them with mortar fire. This type of violence is commonplace, with clashes breaking out at least one to two times a week. ISIS often uses suicide bombers in an attempt to take out many tribal fighters at once.

Sadly, this is all the new normal. Families are accustomed to things being dropped out of the sky with the goal being death and destruction.

Our goal is to show up and deliver something different, something hopeful.

Iraqi Air Force jets are loaded with 15 tons of supplies for the citizens of Haditha, Iraq.

Things are in motion—the air bases in Baghdad are gearing up for take-off. Because of your support, a monumental airdrop is on schedule to happen TODAY. To better nourish the citizens of Haditha, we bought much-needed, protein-rich supplies, like lentils, beans, and milk. These supplies will be distributed by the Iraqi Army quickly and efficiently to avoid attracting any unnecessary attention from the militants.

We want to help bear the burden forced on these people by ISIS. They have been fighting tirelessly to defend Haditha from being overrun, and with this airdrop we have the opportunity to provide some of their basic needs.

They feel forgotten and alone, and because of your support we can help combat that. This airdrop gives us the chance to preemptively love them and show them there are people who still care.

Wage peace.

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Things are in Motion: Love Haditha
Things are in Motion: Loving Haditha
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