You Remade Your World in 2015

Last year was an incredible year—because of you. You stood in the face of fear, and you loved anyway. You engaged in the world's most polarizing conflicts, and you confronted terror with acts of preemptive love. 

You saved lives. 

  • You helped provide well over 400 lifesaving heart surgeries in Iraq and, for the first time, Libya.

  • You helped thousands of displaced families stay alive and warm during winter.

  • You helped deliver more than 100,000 pounds of food to cities besieged by ISIS.

  • You put over 20,600 kids back in the classroom and helped families rebuild their lives after losing everything to conflict.

You remade your world in 2015—and we want to say thank you. We are so honored to continue saving lives and waging peace with you in 2016. 

Thank You For Remaking Your World in 2015
You Remade Your World in 2015
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