Peacemaker Fridays: August 5, 2016

Muslims stand with Catholics in France; Jerusalem hospital heals Israeli and Palestinian hearts; and an interfaith week of worship in Israel.

Here are the week's best stories of people reaching across enemy lines, loving the other, and waging peace...

Muslims attend mass to honor slain French priest 

After the murder of French priest Jacques Hamel by two men who had pledged their loyalty to ISIS, French Muslim leaders called on Muslims to show solidarity with grieving Catholics. This past Sunday, Muslims across France responded by attending mass. "Today we wanted to show.. that the two communities are united," said Mohammed Karabila, president of a local mosque. Dominique Lebrun, the archbishop who oversees Hamel’s parish, was moved: "It is a courageous act they did by coming to us."  Read more...


The Jerusalem hospital healing Arab and Israeli hearts

"The Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital... is a rare island of calm where Jews, Israeli Arabs, and some Palestinian staff work together to treat patients," says Israeli doctor, Chaim Lotan. He has been the hospital’s heart institute director for the past 15 years. Lotan selects Palestinian doctors for his cardiology residency program and treats Palestinians who have carried out attacks inside Israel because he believes that "we have to find a solution... the way we do things in the hospital is the future for this country—we have to start somewhere."  Read more...


Christians, Jews, and Muslims host week of worship in Israel 

Beginning September 5, "a small structure of four walls and a bit of balcony [will become] a home for something that has never before been attempted in [Jerusalem]: a place of worship for the three great monotheistic religions." Leaders of local Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities  have been planning this event for several years, hoping it will be a catalyst for greater communication, community, and understanding. Though Jerusalem is a hotbed of religious conflict, leaders like Skeikh Ihab Balha noted, "When you cling to many things like land, [it pulls us apart]." So instead, he continued, "we cling in to the love of God." Yair Harel, a Jewish liturgical leader, agreed. "We are coming from a deeper root, a deep human language," he said. "We believe in the power of prayer to influence what is taking place."  Read more... 


Do you have a story to share? We would love to hear how you and your community are waging peace right where you are. And stay tuned for more hope-filled peacemaker stories next Friday!

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Peacemaker Fridays: August 5, 2016
Peacemaker Fridays: August 5, 2016
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