Aid Workers Bombed in Coalition Airstrike During ISIS Attack Near Fallujah

Members of Preemptive Love Coalition aid mission hid from ISIS, were held at gunpoint by local military officials, and nearly killed in a Coalition airstrike while trying to deliver food to displaced families

Amiriyat al-Fallujah, Iraq (6/29/16) –  Overnight, three Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC) aid workers were caught in a major ISIS attack targeting the southern Fallujah corridor. Moments later, several more aid workers were nearly killed by an errant Coalition airstrike near Amiriyat al-Fallujah. Continue reading...

PLC Aid Workers Nearly Killed in Coalition Airstrike


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Preemptive Love founder named Young Alumnus of the Year (Baylor Magazine)

An expert bridge builder. That's what Jeremy Courtney is becoming in places where bridges have been smoldering for decades, and in some cases, for centuries. Continue reading...


Iraqi families begin returning to Fallujah after city declared free of ISIS (The Guardian)

"We had prepared welcome home food and supplies for 1,200 people,” said Jeremy Courtney, the founder of an aid group active in Anbar called Preemptive Love. Continue reading...


Fallujah in Ruins (American Conservative)

Preemptive Love Coalition, one of the few aid groups active in Fallujah from the start of the battle in May, said they’ve been delivering food, water, hygiene packs, and cooking stoves directly to families there. They do not get U.S. government assistance, nor do they seek it. Continue reading...


Airstrikes hit convoys carrying ISIS militants out of Fallujah (CNN)

According to Matthew Willingham, two trucks carrying food to Fallujah residents who'd fled the fighting became stuck in a rut. Part of the group stayed with the vehicles and the others headed to Baghdad. ISIS forces soon swept across the southern Fallujah corridor, with a convoy of 450 ISIS vehicles passing by the stuck trucks. Continue reading...


Doctor battles to save babies from Fallujah’s toxic legacy (Yahoo News)

In 2011, a relief and developmental organization, Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC), started sending doctors into Fallujah to assist Kubaisy and his colleagues in operations and to train new doctorsContinue reading...


Sounding the Alarm on the Fallujah Crisis (BBC News)

Preemptive Love Coalition’s Jeremy Courtney went on BBC News to share the increasingly dire situation in and around Fallujah. Displacement camps have been overwhelmed by more than 86,000 fleeing civilians—many of whom have gone days without shelter in the extreme desert heat. Continue reading...


Life After ISIS: Liberated Iraqis Face Squalid Camps, Interrogation (NBC News)

Residents say they have received no government aid and are surviving on meals provided by local tribesmen. The first aid trucks, from a U.S.-based non-governmental organization called Preemptive Love Coalition, arrived during NBC News' visit. Continue reading...


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