Maker Monday: Karen Savage Quilts Bridges to Better Futures

Karen Savage, quilter and artist, poses with her husband and daughter. Karen uses her talents to raise funds to bring justice to the world.

What struck me the most as I dialogued with Karen Savage was the sheer force of her goodwill—the tirelessness of it. She wrote of volunteering for her local Crisis Pregnancy Center, supporting efforts to eradicate human trafficking, baby-sitting, working in church ministries and supporting micro-loans for small businesses around the world.

An impressive list that reveals Karen’s big heart. 

For Karen giving is a passion, a continuous motion from her heart, to her hand, to others. Lately, this fluid gesture of love is putting her in front of a sewing machine, turning strips of cloth into intricately designed works of art. This interest in handcrafts began six years ago when her sister taught her to sew a simple pillowcase dress for her young daughter. 

“I was hooked.  I began scouring the internet for patterns and tutorials, and was really blessed by the number of artisans who are willing to share and teach their craft.  I love the infinite possibilities when it comes to sewing/quilting.  I am so inspired by all of the colors and designs in fabrics.”

Karen’s eye for matching color and shape and knowing how to pull them together through precise placement leads to dazzling quilts. Each one is unique, an outpouring of her soul. Two of these quilts (pictured below) will directly impact the lives of Iraqi women. 

Two quilts that Karen Savage plans to raffle in order to provide a small business grant to a displaced woman in Iraq.

“My hope is that between the two quilts I intend to raffle, we will be able to give enough for one small business grant through Preemptive Love Coalition.”

In addition to these quilts, Karen will donate 50% of her Etsy shop sales to PLC’s efforts to return kids to school. 

“I envision both of these efforts changing not just individual lives, but also changing a region, a culture.  I think so many times as Americans, we think we should go in and rescue people, and pull them out of their environment, or "Americanize" their environment, because we think our way of life is best.  And there is definitely a time and place for rescuing. 

But when you empower someone right where they are, and pour out love on them by meeting, and helping them meet their needs, you cause a ripple affect that can grow and multiply, affecting countless lives.

Karen Savage uses a sewing machine and fabric to create the kind of beauty that changes the world.

To Karen, her craft is just the beginning. 

“With each project, I spend time praying as I'm sewing - praying that it will bless its recipient, and that they will feel the love poured into it.”

When you are pouring the richness of your soul into a quilt, an oil painting, a donation, a smile, you are passing on that splendor to someone else. This beauty may be the bridge that takes them from crisis to a future. Who knows? 

Karen does. 

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Maker Monday: Karen Savage Quilts Bridges to Better Futures
Maker Monday: Karen Savage Quilts Bridges to Better Futures
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