Maker Monday: Adrianne Stone Creates for Justice

Adrianne Stone, owner and maker behind Yimi Jewelry. Through Yimi, Adrianne gives a portion of all profits to charity, including empowering women and girls through Preemptive Love Coalition.

“Justice and fairness have always been a huge part of my moral fabric,” Adrianne Stone told me. “I have always felt that women being marginalized or worse, simply because of their gender was hugely unfair and unjust. I certainly do not believe that, that was what God intended for women.” 

This strong sense of fairness kicked in when a sorority sister shared Ann Voskamp’s blog post on Iraq, and Adrianne was ready. She knew that she already had the perfect avenue to generate resources for the families in crisis: Yimi Jewelry, the work of her hands. 

“I was so moved by the story of what was going on and more importantly what your organization was doing to improve the lives of these women and children in the area that I decided at that moment that we would be supporting your organization via our 10% giveback donations.”

YIMI Jewelry, pieces of the LoveFirst Collection, which will help to fund peacemaking in Iraq.

Yimi Jewelry, the brand that Adrianne markets worldwide via her online store and local boutiques, is more than just an addendum to personal style. From the beginning, these earrings and necklaces have been gracing the world as every purchase leads to a 10% donation. 

Women empowerment has always been a huge priority to our company, and it will always be a requirement for any charitable organization we support."

“Personally the crisis in the Middle East with ISIS, and radicalism in general, has been weighing heavily on my heart, and I had felt like there was nothing I could do to positively impact it. Your message of hope and love inspired me to think that I could play a small part in changing the dialogue.

The vivacity and panache that Adrianne exhibits in carrying out her convictions are telling in her artistry as well. The colors are bold. The design is simple and punchy. A Southern belle in beads. 

YIMI Jewelry's LoveFirst Collection, which will fund the empowerment of women and children in Iraq via Preemptive Love Coalition.

Yimi recently added a LoveFirst Collection to their lineup. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this collection will go to support PLC. It is bright red, a shout out to our logo and a clarion call to choose love over hatred. 

“I like to think that our donations sent a bunch of kids back to school and prevented them from becoming extremists one day, or that it helped a mother start a new business so she can care for her family, but in reality I just want it to do good for the people who need it most.”

Well, said, Adrianne. We will use your donations to do just that. 

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Maker Monday: Adrianne Stone Creates for Justice
Maker Monday: Adrianne Stone Creates for Justice
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