You Helped Mouamin Make the Journey Back to School

Mouamin is a student at a school in northern Iraq for children displaced by ISIS. He is also one of the most determined sixth graders you’ll ever meet.

Mouamin’s legs didn’t form correctly before he was born, and he didn’t get the medical intervention he needed as a small child. So today, he cannot walk without grit, lots of effort, and help. Yet he is determined to go to school.

Ever since Mouamin’s family was displaced by ISIS, he’s had to figure out new ways to get around. His condition became worse after leaving home—all of the supports he developed over his young life are gone now.

Since the day the school opened—something you made possible—Mouamin has insisted on being there. He would use his crutches to make the slow, difficult trip from his home. Sometimes, others would carry him. Often, Mouamin would fall in the street. But he never gave up. 

Mouamin doesn’t care what is easy. He just wants to learn.

During a home visit, one of the teachers realized how much better Mouamin’s life would be if he had a wheelchair. And in short order, you came through, providing a wheelchair for Mouamin, as well as uniforms, shoes, hygiene kits, and heaters for him and his classmates.

Mouamin was stunned when the teacher showed up to deliver the wheelchair you provided. He could not believe this bright red, life-changing gift was for him!

Mouamin’s life is different today because you stepped up. Thank you!

You Helped Mouamin Make the Journey Back to School
You Helped Mouamin Make the Journey Back to School
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