How do your empowerment programs work?


Empowerment (often referred to in our stories with the Arabic word, “tamkeen”) is not typically where we start with a family. Care begins with meeting essential needs and building trust. They need to see that we aren’t just popping in once and then moving on to another camp.

When we show up, we keep showing up because we know it takes more than just a few sacks of flour to help people get back on their feet—we have to show them we’re with them for the long term. Once we’ve reached that point with a community, families often come to us: “My wife and I would like to raise chickens.” “I need help starting a business to keep my kids in school.” “I heard you help people start businesses, and I know how to sew.”

From there, we work to get their business started and we follow up with them to make sure things are running smoothly, which they usually are!

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How do your empowerment programs work?
How do your empowerment programs work?
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