How do you measure success of the missions?


Each year we work with our international medical partners to continually increase the total number of pediatric cardiac surgeries done locally. In Iraq, Ministry of Health officials speculate 500 surgeries were accomplished in 2009 (of which we provided 23, or 4.6%, outside the country). The addition of our 82 surgeries in 2010 to the 500 baseline for a total of 582 approximated surgeries, represents an increase created by PLC of 14% over 2009. In 2011, we increased Iraq’s total number of pediatric cardiac surgeries to at least 719, and in 2012 we increased the total to at least 1,300. Since adopting the Remedy Mission model, our number of surgeries has doubled every year. The local teams we work with become more proficient each year. They will begin to take on a larger caseload than they could have in the previous year. None of these figures yet account for the additional output their training produces.

In March 2010, the Iraqi Ministry of Health asked us to expand our work to three additional sites. We are currently working in various ways to develop care across the country, with specific efforts initiated or sustained across seven sites. In August 2012, we launched the Remedy Fellowship Program, in which international surgeons and nurses take up residence in the Iraqi system to train local medical teams for 48 weeks out of the year.

View Our Impact page to see more of what you have helped us accomplish to date.

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How do you measure success of the missions?
How do you measure success of the missions?
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