How do you choose who to help?


How we help depends on the needs of the family standing in front of us. If there is an organization or person more qualified to help them, we set up a meeting. If they just need winter supplies to keep warm and already have food, and enough income, we focus on providing heaters, blankets, and coats. It really comes down to access and need.

As we’re deciding who to help, a more big picture guiding principle for us is to show up where others won’t, to love the people others won’t, and that means leaving the safe zones to help in front-line places like Ramadi, Baghdad, and Tikrit. Most relief for ISIS-victims in Iraq goes to the same places, but huge numbers of people are at risk, stranded outside these safe zones.

If we see they need help and no other groups are willing to go, the decision is already made—we go.

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How do you choose who to help?
How do you choose who to help?
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