Cody Fisher

At the height of the Iraq war, Cody moved to Iraq to provide relief that might pave the way for more longterm development. Over time, he encountered more and more children he would later call The Backlog—Iraq’s growing list of children waiting in line for lifesaving heart surgery. Unable to provide them with a remedy, Cody dropped everything he was doing and founded Preemptive Love.

Cody Fisher is an intense friend of children and youth everywhere. Having devoted years of his life to the youth in his home town in Buellton, California, Cody decided to make a lifestyle (and geography) change to clearly demonstrate for his students what it would mean to live a radical life of conviction on behalf of others.

Cody moved to Iraq in the Spring of 2007 and promptly began work as the public relations liaison between Iraq and the home office for a relief organization working in the North. As other part-time staff rotated out of the country, Cody eventually wound up facilitating the heart screening program the organization had been running for some time. Given his love of children, it was a natural transition.

When Cody’s connection to local children and Jeremy Courtney‘s desire for a more sustainable mode of charity crashed into each other, the Buy Shoes. Save Lives. project was born, which then gave way to the Preemptive Love Coalition.

Cody’s early training in PR work – and his skill as a natural networker – has proven quite valuable as he consistently navigates the waters of negotiation between organizations, forming partnerships, and seeking to build trust in a culture that tends toward the suspicious.

Cody is excited about the long-term impact his work might have in the region and throughout the world.

As an avid photographer Cody bring his passions into the work place so that his love for children and reconciliation between communities at odds gets translated and communicated to people across the world.

In May 2008 Cody moved back to the US to become PLC’s U.S. Director and take a lead role in education and fundraising. After marrying Michelle Bailey (PLC’s Finance Director) in April 2009 and returning to work in Iraq in 2011, Cody became the Director of Development and the lead architect in our peacemaking initiatives.

Cody Fisher
Cody Fisher
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