This is How We Wage Peace


It's cities like Baghdad, Fallujah and Nasiriyah that always bring to mind the hellish video clips and photos we've all seen flashed across our TV screens.

Car Bombs. Kidnappings. Militias. Chaos. It's true, the South of Iraq has dangerous places. What we don't see flashed across our TV screens are the images of a different kind of war. A war we were all made for. A war for peace, wholeness, and reconciliation between enemies. 

Dr. Novick Updates On Remedy Mission Day One

Remedy And A Girl Named Rozha


It was exactly 4:30 PM in Iraq today when we all watched little Rozha Sabah, an 11 year old Kurd, become the first child to be operated on through PLC's Remedy Mission! 

Rozha is the first of what we hope to be dozens of Kurdish and Arab children who will receive lifesaving heart surgeries these next two weeks.

Exactly 24 hours before Rozha was ushered into the Operating Room, a plane landed in Iraq carrying a team of medical doctors and nurses who had heard Rozha's story and the story of thousands more just like hers and vowed to come be the Remedy.

#RemedyMission Trailer

Our First Remedy Mission Surgery & Training Program in Iraq Begins Today!


It has taken many long weeks and months to get to this point, but we are thrilled to announce the beginning of our Remedy Mission to perform (hopefully) 20-30 heart surgeries for children across Iraq this week and to train local surgeons, cardiologists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals for the future.

We could not have done this without the help of many partners, chief among which is the International Children's Heart Foundation (ICHF). ICHF has been in the heart business for over 16 years and has provided more than 4,400 surgeries to children in developing countries. It is our hope that our partnership with ICHF will help us realize our vision to eradicate the backlog of children in Iraq waiting in line for lifesaving heart surgery. In fact, with ICHF on board, this is the first time in our three years of existence that a dream as big as that actually seems like a possibility.

A Call to Action for Remedy Missions in Iraq This Summer


“30 Kids in 30 Days!”

This rally cry has been heard in our office and seen on our website several times throughout the last month, but what exactly does it mean?

This August, the Preemptive Love Coalition is planning to partner with the International Children’s Heart Foundation to bring in both immediate and long-term life-saving opportunities to children in Iraq with congenital heart defects. We call these surgical training missions "Remedy Missions."

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