A Love Letter To Orlando

Peace dove, coloured in rainbow hues.

Dear Orlando,

To all of your residents, shocked by unexpected violence that tore through the heart of your community and took your sons and daughters too soon…

To the LGBTQI community, who were murdered in a space you created, a space you thought was safe…

To Muslim Americans, lining up to give blood and money to help victims and their families, even as you are bracing for fresh backlashes at your community for the actions of one…

To the victims of violence, whose lives are changed forever, reeling, left to figure out how you can possibly go on…

To those living on edge daily, always fearful that the next attack will be the one that takes the life of someone you love…

From our staff in Iraq and the US, we want you to know that we love you.

We stand with you.




Image by Daniel Arrhakis

About Erin Wilson

Communications Officer for Preemptive Love Coalition, based in Iraq. Photographer + artist, storyteller + story gatherer, peace maker + bridge builder, student + teacher, unrepentant lover of unexpected beauty.

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A Love Letter To Orlando
A Love Letter To Orlando
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