For all our dreams of “peace on earth,” the world is anything but peaceful. From the Middle East to our own communities, violence seems unrelenting. Relationships bend and sometimes break. Peace—the very thing we long for—seems impossible to come by.
But peace is primarily not something that happens to us. It’s something we choose, something we create, something we lean into. That’s why we created this guide—to help you practice peace each day in small ways.

Because 25 small acts of peace...

they add up quickly.

Use this guide with your family or with a group of friends. Each day will be a little different.

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25 days of Peace Activity Guide

  • Day1

    Take a walk through your neighborhood and talk to someone you cross paths with. The first place we can start to wage peace is with our own neighbors, those who live near us. Start these 25 Days of Peace by taking a walk through your neighborhood as a family or with a few friends. Initiate conversation with someone you cross paths with. No agenda other than getting out and talking to someone in your community!
  • Day2

    We’ve got a short video you can watch with your friends or family to understand what we mean when we say “love anyway”—and why. How do the principles of preemptive love—showing up, confronting our fears, and choosing to love anyway—help us wage peace? Watch this 10-minute video with your family or friends.
  • Day3

    Sit in silence for five minutes today and contemplate what role you can play in bringing peace to the world. Every day, we’re surrounded by noise and chaos. Every day, we’re introduced to new things we are told we should fear or worry about. Every day, we’re encouraged to be on the defensive and to take care of only ourselves. Today’s exercise is simple—or at least it sounds simple. Sit in silence for five minutes and open yourself to ideas on how you can have a positive, peaceful impact on your community and the world around you, without giving in to fear.
  • Day4

    Today we’re talking about fear and how we can confront fear with love. Go to "The Problem" page on our website. Read it with your family or a few friends. Then list five things you are afraid of and talk about how you can confront these things with love.
  • Day5

    Make a card for someone in your community who works for peace. There are leaders in our communities who wage peace on the front lines, on a regular basis. We all know them: teachers, pastors, priests, imams, community leaders, and more. Today, make or decorate a card for one of them to show your appreciation for all the work they do for peace.
  • Day6

    Think of three conflicts in your life and how you can peacefully resolve at least one of them. We all experience conflict. Sometimes it’s in seemingly things that take a little bit of peace from our lives. Sometimes it’s something huge that radically reshapes everything about us. Today’s peacebuilding activity requires a large amount of bravery: List three conflicts in your life that you’re experiencing right now, and begin an attempt to peacefully resolve at least one of them. If you’re reading this as a family or with a group, help each other brainstorm ways to bring peace into each situation you identify.
  • Day7

    Begin planning your very own Peace Feast! Throughout history, one of the strongest signs of peace has been sharing a meal with someone. A little less than two weeks from now, on day 19, you’ll hold your very own Peace Feast. (Feel free to choose another day that works better for you.) Today, make a list of people you’d like to join you to celebrate a Peace Feast. It can be anyone: friends, family, neighbors you haven’t met yet. Make your guest list, send out the invites, and stay tuned for more Peace Feast activities in a few days! For the next step in your Peace Feast, see day 16.
  • Day8

    Take a selfie with your friends or family and post it to social media with the hashtag, #25DaysOfPeace. Let’s share these days of peace with those around us. Take a selfie with your friends or family and post it to social media with the hashtag #25DaysOfPeace. We’ll share some of our favorites, and at the end of the month one lucky winner will receive an bar of Sisterhood Soap!
  • Day9

    Think of people who haven’t treated you with kindness and talk about ways you can respond. While most of us don’t have enemies who are trying to kill us, most of us cross paths with people who put their own interests ahead of ours. Think of three people who recently didn’t treat you with kindness. What was your response to them? Talk about ways you could respond to them in the future with a heart of peace.
  • Day10

    Reach out to a local refugee organization and learn more about how you can help. People who have come to this country as refugees can be found in almost every community. Most refugee organizations have constant needs for furniture, clothes, food, and people who are willing to befriend those who are new here. Reach out to a local refugee organization and find out how you can help.
  • Day11

    Take a walk outside and pick up trash as a way of bringing peace to your surroundings. Peace can be found in unexpected places, and one of those is in your physical surroundings. We often talk about war-torn countries or lands ravaged by violence. Today, let’s work against the chaos and destruction in our world by going outside and doing something simple: picking up trash! Take a walk or a drive and bring peace to your neighborhood.
  • Day12

    Watch our video to see shining examples of perseverance, courage, and hope from some of our refugee friends in Iraq. Sometimes our lives begin to feel overwhelming and hopeless. But the truth is, we are surrounded by shining examples of perseverance, courage, and hope. Take a few minutes to watch this video about our refugee soapmakers with your family or friends. You might also consider purchasing some of their soap to support their businesses. Whatever you do, the next time you wash your hands or take a shower, let the soap you use remind you to think about and pray for our sisters in Iraq.
  • Day13

    Today, bake cookies for a friend or neighbor as a gesture of peace. We’ll provide the recipe! It takes forethought and deliberate action to treat those around us with love and respect. Sometimes even the simplest gifts can leave a lasting impression. Today, choose one neighbor and bake (or buy) them cookies, along with a simple note explaining that you’re doing this as part of 25 Days of Peace. You can even use this recipe for Iraqi Cardamom Cookies: IRAQI CARDAMOM COOKIES Ingredients 1 cup all-purpose flour ½ teaspoon ground cardamom ¼ teaspoon salt ⅛ teaspoon baking powder ⅔ cups sugar 2 eggs 1 cup ground blanched almonds 35-40 whole almonds Instructions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Sift together the flour, cardamom, salt, and baking powder in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs and sugar until light and creamy. Combine with the our mixture, then add the ground almonds. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Form the dough into 1-inch balls. (You may want to dip your hands in water rst.) Place on the sheet, flattening slightly. Press a whole almond into the center of each cookie. ere should be enough dough for 35-40 cookies. Bake for 12 minutes or until lightly browned. Transfer to a wire rack to cool. (Recipe via
  • Day14

    Write a kind note to an elderly friend, perhaps a relative (or a friend’s relative) or even a stranger at a local nursing home. Every culture and society, including ours, has vulnerable members, people who live in loneliness or solitude. The elderly often find themselves in this category, neglected or forgotten. Write out a kind note to an elderly friend—perhaps a relative of yours or a friend’s relative or even a stranger at a local nursing home. Tell them you are thinking of them, and include your return address so that they can write back.
  • Day15

    Find something you can give away, but not just any old thing. It has to be something meaningful. Often, waging peace is as easy as putting someone else first. The opposite is true, too: when we seek to promote ourselves or our own needs, it often creates conflict and turmoil. (Think about the last time you tried to cut in on someone in traffic or how you felt when someone jumped ahead in line at the grocery store.) Today, find something you can give away, but not just any old thing. It should be something meaningful, something you value. And when you give it away, know that you are planting a small seed of peace in our world.
  • Day16

    Today you’ll plan for your feast! Plan the menu for your Peace Fast. Make a list of the foods you’d like to serve and the ingredients you’ll need. Feel free to try these recipes from the Middle East... Saffron Rice With Lamb or Beef Arabic Salad Shorba Soup
  • Day17

    Light a candle with your family or friends and say a prayer for peace together. Sometimes the smallest of lights can make the biggest difference. Light a candle today for the Middle East, and whenever you see it say a prayer for peace. Then read about Sisterhood Candles in our catalog and consider making a contribution to peace in the Middle East by supporting this wonderful venture.
  • Day18

    Check out our bank of videos and share one on social media or email it to some friends. There are so many many conversations taking place in our world today. Here’s an easy way to start one about peace. Take a look at the bank of videos we have and share one on Facebook or maybe send it to a few of your friends. See if you can inject a little peace into the conversation. Browse our Videos
  • Day19

    Time to have your feast and invite people to join you in waging peace! Now comes the fun part: actually holding your Peace Feast! (Remember, you don’t have to hold your feast today if another day works better for you.) As you each together, tell your guests the story behind the food you chose, explain why you arranged the time with them, and seek their ideas on how to bring peace into the world.
  • Day20

    Today, get creative and make your own peace flag to share on social media with the hashtag #25DaysOfPeace. Peace should not be confined to one culture, religion, or nation. We work to bring peace into even the most challenging of places. Today, get creative: get out some paper, markers, crayons, or paints and create your own peace flags. Fly them proudly on social media with the hashtag #25DaysOfPeace. We might even share yours! One winner will be chosen to receive two free copies of our book Preemptive Love—one for you, and one to share with a friend.
  • Day21

    Watch the powerful story behind Kinsman Soap, one of the items in our gift catalog. It’s time to learn more about the courageous people in the Middle East who are shining a light in dark places and trying hard to bring peace into a war-torn region. Today, watch our video about Kinsman Soap, but don’t just keep it to yourself! Watch it with your family or a few friends and spend some time talking about it.
  • Day22

    Instead of handing out solutions today, take some time to listen. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned during our years in the Middle East is that the best way to help is by listening. Most of the time, people already know what they need in order to get out of poverty or bring peace to their neighborhoods. Today, spend some time listening to someone—maybe it’s a homeless person, maybe it’s someone who is hurting, or maybe it’s your child. Take a moment today and bring peace into the world by actively listening.
  • Day23

    Make five small care packages for homeless people and hand them out. Much of the chaos and destruction in our world leads to people living without a home or a place to belong. Today, pack five small care packages for the homeless. As you cross paths with someone in need, hand them out. Here’s a list of items you could include: • Tube socks (use one of the socks to hold the other items) • Trail mix • Beef jerky • Hand & face wipes • Lip balm • Lotion • Toothpaste • Toothbrush • Bandaids
  • Day24

    Spend a moment in silence to ponder the things you have learned during these 25 Days of Peace. As we draw close to the end of these 25 Days of Peace, let’s take another day to practice five minutes of silence. Consider this journey into peace that you’ve taken. What has stuck with you? What can you carry forward with you into the future? Write three goals you have pertaining to peace in your neighborhood, your country, or your world.
  • Day25

    Take the next step to continue waging peace in our world. We cannot thank you enough for joining with us these 25 days. The activities you’ve participated in may not have felt world-changing, but we promise that even the smallest act of peace helps remake the world. We hope you will continue carrying this light of peace into the world, wherever you are and wherever you go. Today’s final challenge is a simple one: help us continue to wage peace. If you haven’t signed up already, go here to subscribe.
25 days of Peace
25 Days of Peace
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